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12 Days Ago


We live near drakes so it is so much easy to pop in and get our chips but we have been really dissapointed the last year with the quality of food and the staff performance. First the chap that runs the restaurant has always new people on and maybe that why the quality has gone down so much. Recently I ordered as always veggie burgers and chips and my burger came only in one piece of bread as they forgot to put the other piece and no apologies offered when I went again and let them know. The staff is most of the time miserable and some of them they look really scruffy, dirty actually. So we decided that we will never go again, the chips are greasy and brownish and the large portions are now regular like size. Never again and I dont recommended, I have been a drakes customer for 6 years and had enough.

Review Score: 2 Star Rating

12 Days Ago

Crusoes Fish Bar

Really nice fish shop, since they changed hands. We are now regular customers and very happy with the quality and with the staff performance. I do recommend it.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

16 Days Ago

Angel Foot Care

Special Offer

Valid until: 31/12/2014

24 Days Ago

Razzamataz Theatre School Torbay

Special Offer

Valid until: 12/09/2014

31 Days Ago

RH Dry Cleaning

Special Offer

Valid until: 31/12/2014

38 Days Ago

Dimensional Techniques

Special Offer

Valid until: 22/12/2014

49 Days Ago

Morlaix' Chartered Financial Planners

Special Offer

Valid until: 13/06/2015

67 Days Ago

Aardvark Taxis

i just got a taxi from outside their hut, for my son to be dropped of at train station and then home for me, this journey normally cost between £8.40 and £8.80 depending on traffic etc. today i got same journey and the driver had on his meter £11.40 he said i had extra passenger and i did not understand the how much it was to run a taxi, when i querried the price i was told you shouldnt have got in. so im local and this happens to me tourists watch out.

Review Score: 1 Star Rating

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