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Latest Activity

Special Offer:   Membership Fees

Joining Fee - £20 Single Membership - £29.50/month Joint Membership - £55.00/month Yearly Membership - £295/year

Added by Quest For Zest Llp on 01/01/2015

Special Offer:   Spring Promotion

Please check out our spring promotion deal consisting of a four camera system hard drive system and night vision cameras. Pick internal or external and either dome cameras or bullet style cameras. We can install this system in a domestic or commercial setting giving a professional feel to the setting of the security installation.

Added by Amegan CCTV + SECURITY. on 02/03/2015

Special Offer:   Local Trades Torbay

Advertise to up to 60,000 homeowners in South Devon. for only £250.00 per year.

Added by Design Print Distribute on 27/03/2015

Special Offer:   SHIATSU

Our lovely Practitioners Jane Pickard and Jacqueline Lawes here at The Haven are offering not only * £10 Taster Shiatsu sessions* for those who would like to try it out or are pressed for time, but is also generously taking *£10 OFF First Appointments* made before May 2015! Please call us on 01364 654 954 to book an appointment. With love, The Haven Team xxx

Added by The Haven Health Clinic on 03/03/2015

Special Offer:   KINESIOLOGY

£15 KINESIOLOGY taster sessions are being offered at The Haven Health Clinic for half an hour's consultation with ALI ASHBY Kinesiology uses non-invasive energy testing (or muscle testing) to gain feedback directly from the body, detect imbalances in the system and see what is needed to restore harmony, be it physically, emotionally or spirtually. Please call us on 01364 654 954 to inquire more about how this intuitive treatment could benefit you or book an appointment with one of our receptionists. With love, The Haven Team

Added by The Haven Health Clinic on 03/03/2015

Special Offer:   Taster Sessions - KINESIOLOGY

KINESIOLOGY: £15 for half an hour session Kinesiology uses gentle, non-invasive muscle testing to gain feedback from the body (biofeedback), which can be used to detect imbalances. Kinesiology combines the teachings from Chinese Medicine, and its knowledge of energy pathways (meridians), together with Chiropractic, which restores balance in muscles and bones. At the heart of Creative Kinesiology is using muscle testing to ‘track’ to the root of any issue you wish to bring: to tell its own unique story. Our stories can tell of physical stress, emotional unheavals, trauma, rigid beliefs or behaviour patterns that can impact on us. As the story unfolds, we work together to release anything that is no longer helpful to you, so that you are free to choose a new way of being: balance can then be restored on all levels: body, mind, spirit, emotions and spirit/soul. Please ask for Ali Ashby or Jacqueline Lawes

Added by The Haven Health Clinic on 02/03/2015

Special Offer:   10% early bird on 2015 detox retreat

Book now for a 10% early bird discount on 2015 detox retreat dates! Lost weight, toxins and chronic illness. Prices start from £800 for week's detox including massage. Our self-loving approach to weigh loss will support you to lose weight both here and at home. Understand and be inspired to eat natural foods that nourish you, not your fat cells!!! Learn to be happy with your body, to listen to your needs, be kind and non-judgmental of yourself. Guests lose around 6 to 14 lbs during their stay with us and continue to lose excess weight after with daily fun nutrition talks and live food demonstration incl. hands on class on break-fast day. I lost 7 kg on my detox, then another 8 kg at home, by changing how I ate. Added benefits: no cravings, stable moods and more energy! Marie

Added by Karuna Detox Retreats on 24/02/2015